Thursday, July 30, 2015

Into the woods

Hello everyone!

For the first time in over a week, Holly & I finally found a moment to go out and take some pictures. The sun was finally shining after a few days hidden under layers of wet, grey clouds, and so we wasted no time and made the most of it! 

It's easy to forget just how beautiful the french countryside is, especially if you've lived there most of your life. Whenever Holly & I come home from uni for the week-end, we spend as much time outdoors as possible. Sitting in the sun, surrounded by our animal compagnons, the rustling of tree leaves and a variety of bird songs as a soundtrack. We decided to go on a walk down a green lane just down the road. Running around dirt lanes and amongst fields is all fun and games until you discover two ticks and several bites on you (not fun!) I decided to wear this smock dress I also wore to the beach in Florida. The dress has a carefree feel to it, almost like a Chloé girl. Holly is wearing this lovely black smock dress with a dropped waist and a snug cardigan, perfect for fighting off the early evening chill.

Living here can get a little boring at times, as you have to drive for at least 15 minutes before finding any sign of civilisation. (The zombie apocalypse could have happened and we wouldn't even know it.) So Holly & I are going back to our flat for a while, making the most of it before we leave for Canada at the end of August! I still can't believe it's happening, but we're both so so excited for this new adventure, and as always, I can't wait to share it here.  Summer x

Holly is wearing:
black smock dress: mango
cardigan: h&m

Summer is wearing:
yellow smock dress: zara
box bag: asos
hat: h&m

Sunday, July 26, 2015


As we mentioned in our previous post, we visited this gorgeous cathedral a few weeks ago, situated a few streets from us in Poitiers. Holly & I decided to return the following morning to shoot some more outfit pictures, when the direct sunlight wasn't shining on the face of the cathedral, blinding us! We only had an hour to get there and shoot the pictures before running to catch the train home to the countryside. Needless to say this is my new favorite picture spot. The square is quiet, not too far away and you find beauty at every single angle. Today we decided to have the cathedral as a backdrop, too beautiful to resist!

Holly bought this delicate lace top a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the detailing and the cut: the intricate lace detail on the sleeves, just covering the shoulders. The perfect neckline, not too plunging. The peplum-like waistline, with a slight ruffle. I decided to toughen up the look a little bit by wearing some high waisted mom shorts and my docs, but you can easily wear the top with some white lace shorts for a softer look. 

Summer x

Summer is wearing:

shorts: Asos
shoes: Doc Martens

Monday, July 20, 2015

Twins in matching dresses

Hello everyone!

We had an hour or so to run around town to take some outfit pictures, before heading out and meeting our friends for the night. We finally decided to visit this giant Cathedral a few streets away, having heard so much about it, and we were in complete awe of it's beauty. Needless to say we had no idea how surprised we would be.

The Cathedral, named 'Cathédrale Saint-Pierre' began construction in 1162, and was fully completed in 1379. I've always loved visiting old churches and cathedrals, not only to admire the architecture, the hard work and craftsmanship that went into it, but also because I'm fascinated by the idea that thousands of people have stood at this exact same place over hundreds of years, from different paths of life, all for so many different reasons.

It was an interesting location for taking photos, we took most of these in a quiet street just on the side, where you could enter the Cathedral through a smaller door.  The next day, Summer & I got up early and returned there to take some more pictures in front of it!

As you can see, Summer & I finally decided to step-out wearing the same dress in different patterns (we haven't done this since we were about 5. Can we pull it off? Can we?) Summer's red dress has a more oriental pattern, alluding to traditional Japanese clothing. My dress is more of a soft, ditsy blue print.  It's the perfect summer dress, one of the very few that fits us perfectly, hugging in all the right places. I love the detail in the print, and the bell sleeves- the neckline is flattering, without being too revealing. The dress fits just right around the waistline, enhancing the curve of our backs without being too tight! They were both on sale at Mango, so we couldn't resist! We took some more photos here with better lighting, which we'll be sharing soon!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!
Holly xxx

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Button down shirt + pinstripe trousers

Cut-off Levi's, a random shirt and some flats. This sums up my outfits over the past few weeks. Being back at home is wonderful despite having lots of maintenance work to do. Painting, gardening, moving what feels like an endless amount of boxes, getting everything ready before the guests arrive in the gites.

 These pictures were shot in our garden, something we haven't done in what feels like forever!The sun was concealed behind a blanket of clouds for the first time in days, offering us a short respite from the blazing heat. Holly & I decided to style some laid-back looks, something you would wear on a easygoing, careless evening.  Once again, navy dominates my entire look: these stripey pants from H&M that elongate and flatter my legs, the material light and comfortable. And behold the most awkward top I have EVER owned! I bought it from Zara a while ago, intrigued by the odd cut and shape: it has a cape-like addition to it. (I can't say how many times I've unsuccessfully tried it on, and ended up with my arms stuck in the air) I do love the low cut neckline and flowy shape though. Holly is wearing this collar shirt from Zara. I love the pleat details on the front and back of the shirt, and it can be styled in so many ways: buttoned up or down, work under a pinafore dress or even undone over a top and jeans. I can't wait to wear it with some skinnies and ankle boots this fall. These shorts are from H&M, affordable, stylish and perfect for the summer. They are high waisted and THEY HAVE POCKETS! hooray!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cornfield Chase

Taking outfit pictures during the hottest week of the year is a struggle. We've been melting in 35-37 degree heat in SW France, and being an extremely pale, sensitive-skinned tween, I can't bear to go out in direct sunlight. These pictures were taken in the evening, around 7 o'clock, in the fields around our home. We live on the outskirts of a small french village in the country-side, so we are surrounded by fields. I always forget how beautiful and peaceful it is here, it feels so good to take the time to go on a small walk down the dirt lanes, and get lost among the different crops. 
It's hard to believe that we finished our second year of university over 2 months ago- the time is passing so quickly, and there are so many things I want to do before we leave for Canada at the end of August (is that really happening?!). I'm always thinking about different posts we could share on here- we'd love to hear some suggestions! Summer & I have been baking a lot recently, it was one of the things we really wanted to do during our time off, I'd quite like to share some of the recipes on here one day!