Wednesday, November 25, 2015


It was a Friday afternoon in mid-November. The sun was shining in the clear blue sky, the crisp air numbing my nose and fingers. The Toronto Waterfront was deserted, apart from the small army of seagulls that had gathered there to soak up the sunlight. We stayed for a good while, taking in the gorgeous view of the lake and part of the city skyline. The sun was just beginning to set, dusk light illuminating the tall buildings, the colors and rays of sunlight painting the sky an array of pale pinks and oranges. Eventually, once the cold breeze had chilled us to the bone, when my fingers could no longer press down on the shutter, we reluctantly left. 

I have barely spent a whole week in Toronto during my stay here, there are many areas I have yet to discover. However, this place here, is my favorite in the city. I could easily spend a few hours sat here, watching the planes touchdown across the water, the birds swarming the sky, the calming presence of the incessant waves rippling across the deep blue water. Knowing that I may not return to this place for some time fills me with sadness but also gratitude. I'm so thankful that I've been able to cross off another city from my bucket list. Here's to next time, Toronto.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A week-end in Toronto - part I

It's scary just how quickly time passes. It's already mid-November, I've been in Canada for three months. I only have a few more weeks before I return home. Already, I can feel the bitter-sweetness, the eagerness of being back in the comfort of my own home, and yet the sad thought of leaving this place behind. Holly & I have been trying to make the most of it, trying out nearby coffee shops and restaurants... but the truth is, we've been studying so much that these past few week-ends have been spent at my desk in from of my tablet, writing essays and doing research! But this week-end, we decided to plan a short trip to Toronto with some friends, to escape the essays and presentations. 

It's cold here in Ontario, in these pictures I'm wearing tights under my jeans, with a pair of socks on top too. Under this jacket, I'm wearing a jumper over a long sleeve top, and I actually had to wear my blue trench coat over it too. My fingers went numb every time I took a picture. 

I bought this cardigan/jacket from Zara the last time I was in Toronto. It's probably the most snug item of clothing I own! The speckled design is so pretty too. 

When we returned from Toronto last night, snowflakes were falling and covering every single surface in a beautiful pure white blanket. We spent 15 minutes outside taking pictures, admiring the sheer beauty of it. I will post a photo diary of our trip soon! I post more regularly on Snapchat and Instagram, so feel free to follow me on there! Summer x

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Summer is wearing:
chunky knit jacket/cardigan: zara (new)
black jumper: mango
jeans: asos
bag: urban outfitters (new)
books: topshop

Friday, November 13, 2015

Screenwriting & directing blog assignment: Picture analysis, Summer READ

A Man Feeding Swans In The Snow, by Marcin Ryczek
This photograph was taken by photographer Marcin Ryczek in 2013, it is of a man feeding swans on a snowy river bank.

The contrast between the pure white snow and the dark water is striking: the silhouette of a man dressed in black on the snowy bank feeding the white swans in the dark water. We have a lone man on the left as opposed to a number of ducks and swans on the right. This contrast between the left side and the right side of the picture is emphasized by the perfect straight line of the water front, it gives the impression that the photograph is a montage of two different ones.  What I love the most about this picture is the conflicting textures of the environment : dry snow on the left, liquid water on the right.

The Yin Yang symbol instantly comes to mind: two elements that seem like opposites are in fact complementary.

Monday, November 9, 2015

City Lights - Toronto

Seeing a famous skyline for the first time is quite an experience. Seeing it at night, is even better. I remember this time last year, I stood at the top of the John Hancock Tower in Chicago, taking in the city's mesmerizing architecture and layout. This year, I could see the CN Tower and part of the Toronto skyline through my hotel window. City lights never cease to amaze me. 

The second picture is a shot I took of Holly on our last night in Toronto. We had just taken some blog pictures when the first raindrops began to stain the pavement. So, we ran around the streets looking for the closest restaurant serving good old fashioned burgers. We decided to go to Jack Astor's, not only was the food amazing (& for a great price), but we had a great view of the CN Tower from our table. Pretty cool way to end our trip, huh?

Here are a few pictures taken during our short stay in Toronto. Hope you are having a lovely day, once again thank you so much for your comments. We really appreciate them! x
Summer x

Thursday, November 5, 2015


I've been searching for a blazer for a while now, and I finally bought one from Zara! I actually bought this jacket about five hours before these pictures were taken. It was our last day in Toronto. We did a final round of shopping, before going to the cinema and then enjoying a meal out.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Screenwriting and Directing: Week 7, Nov 2 - Holly Read

Blog post for November 2nd/Week 7, Holly Read

-Watch a short video clip between 1-5 minutes on YouTube. Why does the camera move? Where does it start-stop? Why do the actors move? Where do they start? Where do they stop?

Clip: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - You came from WCKD (link) 1.35 mins

In this clip we are introduced to a scene in which characters meet for the first time: Jorje, the older man (played by Giancarlo Esposito), and a group of young boys led by Thomas (Dylan O'Brien). There alot of going back and forth between the characters as the scene is primarily rich in dialogue rather than action. It would appear that the camera is hand-held during the whole scene, it only moves to follow the characters movements.

Breaking down the shots
The first shot is a medium shot on the character Jorje, then we have a medium close up on Thomas, Minho and Newt, the group of boys. The next shot is of Jorje walking towards the group, the camera moves to follow him as he approaches the group of boys. Next we have a full over the shoulder shot with Jorje's back in the foreground and the group of boys in the background, the camera is placed to show what Jorje is doing with his hands, we can see that he is making himself a drink. The next shot is a medium close up of Jorje saying "How can I profit?", followed by a medium close up of the group of boys looking cautious. We then have another over the shoulder shot with Jorje in the background speaking; holding a drink, before going back to another medium close up on the boys. This shot is followed by 2 shots of different characters who react to what one of the boys said. Next, a medium close up of Jorje, followed by a full over the shoulder shot on the boys: The camera moves to follow Jorje's character once again as he approaches the group of boys. We have a medium close up on the boys again, a reverse over the shoulder shot on Jorge. Then we have a full shot on the group of boys as they are forced to the ground. The camera pans down to follow their faces as they hit the floor. We have a shot which first focuses on the girl in the background before focusing on the scanner on the table in the foreground as she picks it up. The camera changes focus to put an emphasis on the object. We have a medium close up of one of the boys, Thomas, sighting back as he kneels on the floor, followed by another medium close up of Jorje looking calm drinking his drink. Next we have the camera tilted up with a medium shot on the girl Brenda, before changing to a medium close up on the boys neck which is being scanned. Then the camera switches back to a medium shot on Brenda and Thomas, and pans up to follow Thomas getting back on his feet. The next shot is a medium close up of Jorge looking down, the camera trucks down to show the scanner he's looking at. The next shot is of the scanner in Jorje's hands. We revert back to a medium shot on Jorge, and we have several medium over the shoulder shots on Jorge and the group of boys.

It looks like this sequence was filmed with a hand held camera. Jorje moves from the back of the room to a table, then from the table towards the group of boys. The camera moves to follow his steps. Thomas is standing at first, then he is forced down to his knees; the handheld camera moves to follow his movements, first as he is forced down, then as he stands back up. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Clash of greens

In the days leading up to our departure to Toronto, every night I would be on Pinterest pinning places I could visit whilst I was there. The Distillery District kept popping up, so I took note and together Holly and I walked there one morning. We walked everywhere, not once did we take the tram. This day however, we kind of wished we had used one. It wasn't too far, only 40 minutes away on foot, but we took a route that wasn't too interesting in terms of  scenery. On the way back, we took another route which was way more beautiful! 

The Distillery District in located in Old Town, (East Downtown Toronto) and is a historic and entertainment area. With over 40 heritage buildings, it's the largest collection of Victorian Era industrial architecture in Canada. In the 1860's, it became the largest Distillery in the world, and today it's home to numerous cafes, restaurants and quirky shops. We even found Balzac's Coffee, which had such a gorgeous interior and some damn good hot chocolate! I wish we went in the late afternoon so we could admire the fairy lights and street lamps illuminating the brick streets, but the sunshine was too gorgeous that day to complain. 

I bought this lovely white sheer blouse from Mango a few months back, and it's been patiently waiting in my wardrobe. It's like a cloud in material form. I kept trying it on, but had yet to find the perfect look. I've been eyeing this green a-line faux leather skirt from Zara for a while now, I already had it in mustard but it was too good to resist. The two pieces complimented each other perfectly, with a clash of different materials and colors. Paired with my Topshop Ankle Boots & my new Urban Outfitters shopper bag, this look is currently my new favorite. 

Summer x