Thursday, March 5, 2015

Instagram diary

Hello everyone!

Summer & I have been off university for a week now, and we're enjoying the simple pleasures of being at home, staying in our pajamas all day, cuddling our cats, binge-watching Vikings & OITNB.. I don't want to leave! I decided to make a small post to share some of our Instagram pictures, as we use it much more frequently than blogger. It's a great way to share some more little moments of our lives without revealing too much. 
I hope you're all enjoying your week!
Holly xxx


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Friday, February 27, 2015

Down The Street

I can't believe February has already come to an end, this year is going by so fast! We took these pictures today down our road, it's so nice to spend time shooting outside in the sunshine and not having your fingers go numb! We haven't been very active on social media/our blog recently, mainly  because of the cold weather but also because our uni course is always keeping us so busy. We are finally on half term now, and we can't wait to spend some more time working on it! We also plan on watching a load of films, having a Marvel marathon and Lord of The Rings marathon.
The next couple of weeks will be spent celebrating birthdays (our family's bdays all occur within 3 weeks!) other than that, we're concentrating on finishing our 2nd year at university before going off on holiday, eek!
I hope you're all having a lovely week, enjoy your week-end! 
Holly xxxx



Holly is wearing : 

Cropped jumper : Topshop
Quilted skirt : H&M
Shoes & scarf : Zara
Biker Jacket : Mango

Summer is wearing : 

Paisley blouse & coat : Zara
Ripped jeans & bags : ASOS
Boots : Topshop

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Inspiration of the day

Sophie Turner for InStyle UK

Hello everyone!

Spring is on the way. I can feel it, the cold wind doesn't bite as much, daffodils are emerging after a year away, and sunlight sticks around for just a little longer. Soon it will be time to ditch the winter coats and huge cozy jumpers, and time for dresses with light jackets. I, for one, can not wait! 

I haven't been able to shoot many outfit posts lately, but my mind has been flowing with ideas. Some amazing pictures have been published recently, and they have truly inspired me for future projects. Some of them have a magical feel to them, others a more edgy feel. Let us begin!

*All pictures found via Pinterest & Tumblr

  •  Teresa Palmer & Phoebe Tonkin by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia

These pictures by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia are so beautiful. Phoebe Tonkin & Teresa Palmer are both natural beauties and real life best friends. This shoot has inspired me so much, I just want to escape to the countryside & walk through the fields, capturing each moment on my camera! (Also, I am currently girl-crushing on Phoebe Tonkin)

  • Sophie Turner for InStyle UK, USA & Home and Country
Town & Country

 InStyle UK x

InStyle USA

Sophie Turner always has incredible photoshoots. Have you seen the picture of her & Sam Claflin for Vanity Fair recently? One of the stars of Game Of Thrones, and who recently joined the cast X-Men: Apocalypse as Jean Grey (eeeek!), Sophie Turner's success just keeps growing! Her many recent photoshoots & interviews are proof of this. I love the contrast between these shoots, especially between the Home & Country and InStyle UK shoot: one fairytale like, the other more edgy! I'm a huge fan of Sophie, not only because she is a talented actress but she just seems like a really cool human being. Big things ahead for her, that's for sure!

And that's it for todays post. Holly & I are on a short break from uni, so it's time for us to recharge our batteries and of course create some new content for the blog! Hope you are all having a wonderful week, thank you all for your lovely comments! We really really appreciate them, so thank you! <3
 Summer xx