Saturday, October 3, 2015

The pleated midi skirt

I've wanted a pleated midi skirt for such a long time now- I was so pleased to find the perfect one from Zara! It fits perfectly around the waist and I'm in love with the deep blue colour. I decided to mix it up a bit by matching it with a graphic tee- (Summer's, to be precise) & this suede peccary jacket from Mango (also Summer's, yes I know), the result is a casual outfit with just a hint of my true personality. I meant to write this post a few days ago, but University has kept me so busy. The workload here in Canada is much heavier compared to what I'm used to back in France. I have 5-6 tests per class here, whereas back home I only have 2. & Mixed with all the readings, it quickly builds up, to the point where I'm spending all my free time during the week at University studying and (almost) panicking. 

We took these pictures on a night-out in town with our new friends, making the most it's nice centre and delicious restaurants. 
I'm hoping to post some more pictures soon and hoping to keep the blog as active as possible- which is already proving to be difficult with the temperatures dropping so low so quickly. I don't think I can physically or mentally manage to get out of bed when it drops below -10, let alone stand outside and attempt to take pictures (it was only 7 degrees today and I nearly cried because I felt so miserably cold). But, I will suffer when the time comes!

Other than that, Summer and I have been receiving some exciting collaboration e-mails, and this week Eight Magazine ( Instagram : ei8htmag ) launches it's first issue, in which we contributed two articles. It marks the first time we've done any kind of free-lance journalism- and we're hoping to do some more in the future!

I hope you all have a great week, and if you're struggling through the uni workload- you're not alone! We got this.

Holly xxx

Friday, October 2, 2015


When I first heard about homecoming, I thought it was a dance end-of-the-school-year thing. It turns out it's actually the first football game of the season! Needless to say, Holly & I weren't going to miss this experience, so we bought tickets + shirts and met up with some friends before the game began. It was pretty insane. The university pride here is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Students are always wearing jumpers, hats, shirts bearing the university's logo. The Golden Hawk is everywhere!

We arrived at campus early in the morning: the university was offering free pancakes and people were getting their faces painted. Music echoed in every corner of the square, supporters forming a sea of yellow and purple, representing our university's team. As we made our way towards the stadium, house parties had already kicked off, with students drinking from funnels in their front gardens, vuvuzela's sounding in every direction. The atmosphere was amazing. We got to our seats towards the front of the stands, cameras at the ready, anticipating the start of the game. The blue sky was clear of clouds, the hot sun promising a beautiful day. Horns sounded, cheerleaders formed a corridor, confetti exploded in the air and hundreds of players invaded the pitch. Cheers ensued, soon to be joined by music blasting from speakers. Three small planes flew over the pitch and the game began. 

It was such a surreal experience, I always wondered if these kind of events were exaggerated on film and television. They're not. The enthusiasm and support towards the players so inspiring! My favorite memory has to be when one of our team players ran the whole pitch, escaping the opposition players grasps at every turn. Everyone got to their feet in a flash, cheering and clapping. I'm not into sports, but this was an amazing fun experience I will never forget! Unfortunately we lost, and I got a bit of heatstroke, but it was a great day none the less.

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Holly & friends waiting for the game to begin

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Screenwriting and directing, Week 1 : Holly's Story

Alfred had imagined hundreds of different scenarios to explain his loss of memory. He was in his 20’s when they pulled his almost lifeless body from the water. The 1st few weeks remain a blur. He remembers the numbness in his legs and the throbbing pain in his left shoulder. He remembers the fear and frustration he felt when he woke with no memory of who he was, or where he came from. No-one knew what happened to him or what he was doing when the accident occurred. He couldn’t understand the doctors, he didn’t even speak their language. For decades he lived without knowing his true identity, the true story behind his mysterious accident. He went to start his new life in the States in hopes of someday discovering the hidden truth.

Decades went past. He was never able to discover any kind of information regarding his identity. No birth records, school records, hospital records… He didn’t exist. & so he became Alfred. He lived his life as best he could. He went back to school, he started training. It wasn’t a bad life, despite his low immune system. He was always sick. One random thing after the other, like his body was rejecting the world.

Towards the end of his life, Alfred starting getting ill more and more often. He eventually was forced to live in a retirement home where he would receive 24h care. He had no family that could visit, most of his days were spent writing and people watching.

One day, he had visitors. The younger man introduced himself as Michael, the older man as George. “We have been looking for you for a very long time”.

2 weeks later, the three of them gathered by the side of the cliff to admire the mountains that encircled the sea. The same mountains that Alfred first saw 60 hears ago. “This is where I first saw it. It was fast, loud, but no one believed me.” Michael smiled as he set the timer. Research became easier with time, he said. "The only other strange incident that occurred that same week was your mysterious appearance. George has done this before. Looks like you’re not the only visitor we've had here".
He made his way back to George and Alfred, and they turned, and stood in silence as the ticking of the camera timer ticked to zero.

Holly Read

Screen Writing & Directing week 1: Summer's story

The drive usually takes half an hour. Every year it would usually fly by, with mum and dad yapping about being late and whose fault it was this time, and I would laugh at grandpa’s silly jokes and listen to his stories. The family tradition of taking the same picture in the exact same spot every year first began when I was twelve. We were visiting grandpa’s new house, where he moved after grandma passed. It was a quaint little house in a village near the mountains, often frequented by tourists in the summer months, but it was quiet and tranquil. My mum always worried about how he would cope, but he always gave her a reassuring smile and said “Don’t worry love, she always talked about this place. It’s where I’m meant to be!” As we were driving there for the first time, my mum suddenly pulled over and told us to get out for a picture. That’s how the tradition began. Every year we would visit grandpa in the mountains, and we would pick him up then drive to the same spot and take the picture. This year however, was a little different.

 My dad and I sat quietly in the car, him carefully holding the bright pink plastic bag on his lap. I had to fight the sudden urge to laugh. What on earth would mum say about this? She would probably laugh and make a witty joke. She had inherited my grandpa’s humour, after all. We picked up grandpa, armed with his binoculars like every year, and set course for our beloved picture-spot. I pulled the car over and helped grandpa out of the car. Dad carefully placed the plastic bag down on the ground, and then proceeded to set up the camera and tripod. Dad set the timer and we posed for the picture, same as every year, only this time someone was missing. A split second after the picture was taken, my Dad let out something between a laugh and a cry. “I left her on the ground, didn’t I?” The pink plastic bag lay a few feet away from Dad, my Mum’s ashes resting inside. Before I could react, Grandpa grabbed my arm, his face streaked with tears. I put a reassuring arm around his shoulders. “This is where she wanted to be!” He nodded.
 My Dad picked up the plastic bag, and together we set the ashes free into the canyon.

Summer READ

ScreenWriting & Directing

Hello everyone!

As you all probably know, Holly & I are in our third year of studying Film & Theater. This semester we're in Ontario, Canada as part of an exchange program!

For one of our courses, screenwriting & directing, we're required to create a blog where we will post weekly assignments. Instead of creating another blog just that sole purpose, instead we decided to create another page on here. We already have a "film/books" page, so every now & then you will see a blog post about a specific uni assignment! This should be interesting, let me know your thoughts!

Burgundy Trench

I can't believe I've been here for a month already, and I've already done so much! These past few days have been so much fun. The day these pictures were taken, Holly & I were meeting up with some friends for dinner & then the next day was Homecoming! I've been trying to find a balance between uni work, going to the gym, meeting up with friends and chilling: the first few weeks are always tough, trying to figure out how to manage the workload (which is lot heavier than what I am used to back home), but so far I'm really enjoying the classes & I've met some incredible people! Also excuse my awful hair at the moment, I changed the parting here and it did not feel right at all, but it's in serious need of a cut, still havn't decided on what to do yet.

There are very, VERY few shops here, so I think of my shopping will be done online, unless I go to Toronto every other week-end! I bought this waterfall front trench jacket from Zara recently, and it's perfect for this time of year. Not only is the color gorgeous but it's a great length too. I have a little obsession with this 70's Topshop a-line skirt recently, I keep borrowing it from Holly's wardrobe. 

I've decided to make my snapchat public too, so add me if you like!

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Summer is wearing:

waterfall front burgundy trench jacket: zara
box bag: asos
side slit tee: zara
suede ankle boots: mango
70's a-line skirt: topshop

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Evening sun

S : I've got so used to wearing high waisted skinny jeans, that when I first saw these pictures I couldn't help but think something was wrong! These are the first pair of low-waisted trousers I have bought in a loooong time. I've been trying to buy clothes other than jeans, like cropped trousers or culottes and midi pleated skirts. These five pocket trousers from Zara are an amazing fit, I usually feel uncomfortable when it comes to low waisted clothes, but these didn't fall down once. I even felt brave enough wearing this top with it, which I consider to be slightly cropped. (Yes, my belly made a few sneaky appearances but nothing too bad). Lately I've been binge watching The Originals, and I think that, once again, my personal style is being influenced by fictional characters. I love this outfit, it's casual, even with heeled ankle boots. This suede peccary jacket from Mango has been a wardrobe favourite for almost a year now! It's perfect for transitional wear!

We took these pictures in the early evening sunlight, when the beautiful golden glow gives everything in sight a magical appeal.

H : This fake leather skirt from Zara is a bit of a struggle to get in to, but once it's over the hips it fits my waist perfectly- I've always loved a-line skirts and this one has to be one of my favorites, just because it's the perfect size for me! (even though technically it does belong to Summer). I paired it with this new sheer long-sleeved top, also from Zara, a perfect transitional piece as it's not too heavy or hot in this unusual Canadian heat. Although saying that, as I'm writing this, dark rain-clouds are gathering up preparing for a heavy storm, you'll be seeing us in jumpers soon enough!

Hope you're all having a great week!xxx